What is Fraud Score?

Fraud Score is a numerical indicator used to assess the likelihood of fraud in financial transactions, to evaluate potential borrowers, and to determine the reputation of IP addresses and proxy servers. This tool is widely used in the financial and Internet industry to minimize risks and ensure the security of online transactions.

Key Features of Fraud Score

  1. Statistical Score: Fraud Score represents the probability of fraudulent activity expressed in a numerical format.
  2. Score scale: The higher the Fraud Score, the higher the risk of fraud. A Fraud Score below 20 is considered safe.
  3. Applications: Used by financial institutions, internet companies and e-commerce platforms.
  4. Analysis Factors: The calculation takes into account various parameters, including data from applicant questionnaires, information from blacklists, credit histories, type and amount of transaction, location and transaction history.
  5. Calculation technology: Fraud Score is calculated using special software that uses mathematical models and machine learning algorithms.

Fraud Score in the context of proxy use

Google and other large Internet companies maintain their own databases of IP addresses, assessing their reputation using the Fraud Score indicator. This is important for users working with proxy servers:

  1. Risks of using low-quality proxies: Using cheap or compromised IP addresses may lead to account blocking in Google services and other platforms.
  2. Importance of verification: Before using proxies, it is recommended to check their quality through special services that evaluate Fraud Score.
  3. Choosing reliable proxy providers: When working with large online platforms, you should give preference to trusted proxy providers with low Fraud Score.
  4. Dynamicity of the index: Fraud Score may change over time depending on IP address usage.

Where to check Fraud Score

There are several ways to check Fraud Score for proxies or IP addresses:

  • IPQualityScore is a popular service that provides detailed information about the reputation of an IP address.
  • Anti-detect browsers.
  • Specialized online services: Scamalytics, FraudLabs Pro, MaxMind.

Implications for SEO and Webmasters

For professionals working in SEO and web resource management, understanding and accounting for Fraud Score is critical:

  1. Stability of operation: Using a proxy with a low Fraud Score ensures more stable operation with various online services.
  2. Minimizing risks: Regularly checking Fraud Score helps to avoid blocks and restrictions from search engines and advertising platforms.
  3. SEO effectiveness: Clean IP addresses with a low Fraud Score contribute to more effective website promotion and work with advertising campaigns.


Fraud Score is an important tool in the arsenal of modern Internet professionals, helping to ensure the safety and efficiency of online activities. Note: Fraudulent traffic is a type of invalid traffic that is intentionally created with the aim of deceiving advertisers and obtaining undue benefits.

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